A story of liberality

Centro Studi Achille e Linda Lorenzon was created by the late Countess Teresita Lorenzon, who donated the family property to the Università del Sacro Cuore. Among the assets, the Countess assigned the mansion situated on Viale Oberdan to the convention centre, where research, conferences and other scientific activities, particularly with regard to studies on cancer, Parkinson’s disease and AIDS are conducted.

Centro Studi Achille e Linda Lorenzon

The research centre consists of three areas: the main villa, former residence of Earl Alfonso Caetani and his spouse Teresita Lorenzon, a magnificent building of 1,400 sq.m. divided into 4 floors and completely refurbished and equipped with modern technology for meetings, conferences, scientific workshops and academic activities; the other building adjacent to the villa, which measures 1,200 sq.m. approximately and has been designed as an area dedicated to training and equipped with rooms of different size, of which the largest has a capacity of 160 seats; the guest quarters, with double rooms and en suite bathroom. 
The premises are sorrounded by a 1-acre park in which several tree species typical of the Mediterranean scrub are found, a parking area and the house of the caretaker, whose presence is guaranteed 24/7.


The complex is located in an area adjacent to the historic centre of Treviso, which is only 600 m from the Cathedral and is very well connected to the train station (about 700 m), the airport of Treviso (4 km away) and the main motorways which lead to the airport of Venice in about twenty minutes by car. 
The convention centre may thus host conferences for medical and scientific purposes in a frame of absolute value and in an excellent position from a logistic point of view.

A glance at the future

The initiatives to be pursued are manifold. On the one hand they include national and international conferences, aimed at fulfilling the objectives of the creation of the centre itself, with a presentation of studies by researchers from the Policlinico “A. Gemelli”; on the other hand it is expected to create specific training courses in cooperation with universities, other foundations, relevant industries and local authorities. The activity should also be developed through the availability of European funds, with the supervision of the Veneto Region and local governments.